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HT Team Fiesta (Squad Signups and Information)

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Squad Information:

This squad has been created for team racing in MCC. In its simplest form it is the DRL with teams of two.

Tournaments will be held on Sundays or Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. 5:00 p.m PT 1:00 a.m. UK 7:00 a.m in Hatters Apartment.

Season 1 will run from May 12th to June 30th.

Schedule: (8 weeks)

1 Tues May 12th

2 Thurs May 21st

3 Tues May 26th

4 Sun May 31st

5 Sun June 7th

6 Tues June 16th

7 Tues June 23rd

8 Sun or Tues June 28th or 30th

Season 2 starts Sunday August 16th and will run for 10 weeks.


1 August 16th 8 pm ET

2 August 23rd 8 pm ET

3 August 30th 8 pm ET








Click here for current standings>>>>>>>>Season Standings

Sign Ups:

Sign ups are first come first serve. The players that sign up for the races/squad will be given seeded rankings in order to make the teams as fair as possible. These rankings can change during the season based on previous performance. Tournaments will have 6 to 12 participants in teams of 2. Teams can choose their primary color before the races start. If there is an odd number of participants I will be on a team of my own or I will be hosting and watching the races.


All halo's in TMCC will be used in this squad, except for Halo CE and Halo 3, due to 343 finally improving custom games. The current format for each tournament is 6 tracks using Terrain, MX/SX and Mayhem on H2A and Halo 4.

Tournament Rules:

On The Track:

- No going early during the start of the race. You can start when the host throws a grenade in the air and it explodes.

- No going backwards on a track, unless it requires you to go in both directions in which case collisions are encouraged.

- No using grenades, shooting, or smacking cars if you happen to fall off.

- No cheating; if it is possible to cheat the track, in any way, do not.

- If you get stuck or die: go back to the starting area, get a new mongoose and wait to rejoin the race in the position you were in, you will finish with less checkpoints but that will be ignored. Just wait to respawn or get off and wait for a mongoose to spawn under you. If you believe you died unfairly and it has cost you an unfair about of time, discuss it CALMLY with the host.

- If you get black screen or bad lag, simply pull off the track or get to the start, and apply the rule for dying or getting stuck.

- Pushing, shoving, break-checking, tail-whipping, crashing, sandwiching, and any other form of destroying your opponents is allowed and encouraged.

- You may team up with another racer(s) for a short period of time, but long lasting alliances will not be tolerated, including alliances to not wreck each other.

- After you finish the race, you must lineup a short distance after the finish line, to the side of the track. This will help the tournament host tell the order in which the racers finished.

- No slowing down or wrecking yourself intentionally to let others catch you in order to interfere with those racers.

- No stopping on the track and rejoining the race (unless temporarily, for a legitimate reason, with prior warning to the host.) When rejoining, do so when and where you are supposed to be.

On The Mic:

- No excessive whining or complaining.

- Respect the tournament host, do as he/she asks. No excessive arguing with him/her as it will slow the tournament down and hinder good hosting.

- Have fun, and if in great peril feel free to yell. However, don't yell too much, be too loud, or be too annoying or the host has every right to reprimand you.

- Be respectful to fellow racers: trash talk for fun and mainly as a joke, but rude comments, serious insults, sexism, racism are not tolerated or allowed.

- Be quiet when the host in explaining the rules to new members, during the countdown, and if someone needs the host during a race.

- You must be sure to talk over others if you get stuck, have lag, etc. to contact the host to ask him what to do. If in this situation, you have the right to interrupt anyone.

- Criticism of the tracks will be tolerated provided it is done respectfully and constructively, remember not all tracks are going to suit you and there may be others who really enjoy the track.

Tournament Hosts:

- Tourney hosts make all the calls on the times you wait at the start of each race, and follow those rules.

- Tourney hosts choose 5 maps, however they select the amount of laps for each map (based on the suggested amount). The laps are decided to ensure a race of about 10 minutes.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for getting the racers into lobbies.

- Tourney hosts must be mindful of second priority racers.

- Tourney hosts must review all questionable races in theater before determining winners and posting results.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for relaying the results to MasterKitty17 so he can update the leaderboard, guidelines for this are sent to each new host personally.

- Post the new tournament a week prior to allow time for signups.

Cheating Policy: If someone is caught cheating a track intentionally, with full knowledge that he/she are cheating, then they will get a point total of 0 for that race.

Rage Quit Policy: If someone immaturely rage quits because they are losing, then they will get 0 points for the race they lag out on. If someone lags out or has to leave for a valid reason, so be it, but getting angry over a video game and rage quitting is detrimental to the HaloTracks community.

Uncooperative Policy: If someone repeatedly break the rules, disrespect the host or other racers, or try to ruin the tournament for others, then they will be dealt with. Hosts hold the right to DQ (disqualify) them from races, or more drastically, from tournaments. If this happens after a warning and previous DQ, they will be banned for however long the host deems fit. So just be respectful and follow the rules.

Scoring System:

1st- 12

2nd- 11

3rd- 10

4th- 9

5th- 8

6th- 7

7th- 6

8th- 5

9th- 4

10th- 3

11th- 2

12th- 1

Any questions about HT Team Fiesta, it's rules, it's members, or anything else please contact Kat2BKittnMe.

Squad Members: (if you participate in any regular season HT Team Fiesta race you will be added to the squad member list)

1. Kat2BKittnMe

2. Offrce

3. Jabbleston

4. Pan the Cake

5. Jake Bobius

6. Miss Starstrukk

7. Bean05

8. B2T Kambi

9. ImSOshiftfaced

10. BxA RealDeal D

11. Hatter is Satisfied

12. Purpledinosaur0

13. Compvlsive

14. MtnxDew97

15. Casselfied

16. xdeath1ordx

17. TJMax

18. ProngedVermin0

19. TheMagicalSock1

20. Reflex

21. King Edward I

Season 1 Prizes (HT Points) Have not been given out as of 8/6*

1st 250 points

2nd 150 points

3rd 100 points

4th 75 points

5th 50 points

6th 40 points

7th 30 points

8th 20 points

9th 10 points

10th 5 points

*Season 2 will have a copy of Halo 5 as 1st place prize and then other prizes for 2nd and 3rd as well as the HT Points.

Edited by Kat2BKittnMe

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Sign me up pls.

I say wrecking should be allowed. I find the idea of wrecking someone to allow my teammate to catch up to overtake them an exciting prospect.

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I would like it if you only counted the position of the higher placing teammate. That way you would have one racer whose main goal is to place as high as possible and the other teammates main goal is to wreck the opposition. That would be real team work.

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