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HT Team Fiesta (Squad Signups and Information)

favorite leg. map to forge?   27 members have voted

  1. 1. Whats you favorite leg. map to forge?

    • Ghost Town
    • Avalanche
    • Blackout

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I would like it if you only counted the position of the higher placing teammate. That way you would have one racer whose main goal is to place as high as possible and the other teammates main goal is to wreck the opposition. That would be real team work.

You should try out HT Demo

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You should try out HT Demo

You dont understand then...

And thats not funny at all

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Hey peeps thanks for signing up for the squad! Until I get 500 HT Points to donate to the bank the squad will not have its own forums to post in. 1st off if you want to donate to me so we can get separate pages for tracklists, schedule, and leaderboard that would be awesome and 2nd this is the page where all the news and updates will be posted until then. The newest things that some of you may not have seen are the tracklist, schedule and logo. So here they are.....

Tracklist for HT Team Fiesta


-Mall Me by MasterKitty17

-Ball Me by MasterKitty17 & ImSOshiftfaced

-Bridge to Meowville by MasterKitty17

-Suspense by TheOffice1808

-Passante’s Playground by NukedlceCream & Bean05

-Combust by Dom Motlonless

-Overlook SX 2 by purpledinosaur0 & Sodapop HT

-Breakout SX by purpledinosaur0

-Make Me Purr SX by MasterKitty17

-Bob Jakeless by MasterKitty17 & ImSOshiftfaced

-Box Canyon National V2 by MasterKitty17

-2015 Atlanta 1 (Update CV) by Jabbleston

-Meowtown, USA by MasterKitty17

-Eagle Creek National CV by Jabbleston

-Palm Canyon SX by MasterKitty17

-AJWT Rd. 4 AX by Deaconz

-Eclipse SX V2 by GoldUrchin8085 & MasterKitty17

-Rocky Palms by MasterKitty17

-Muse by MasterKitty17

-Space Mountain by MasterKitty17

Halo 3:

-Solitude by Sodapop HT



-Golden by WhiskeyWarm


Halo 4:

-H4 SeX Rce by MasterKitty17

-Beans ridiculous terrain track names.

-Flocc by NukedlceCream

Schedule: (8 weeks)

1 Tues May 12th

2 Thurs May 21st

3 Tues May 26th

4 Sun May 31st

5 Sun June 7th

6 Tues June 16th

7 Tues June 23rd

8 Sun or Tues June 28th or 30th



Thanks guys I hope to see you all during the season. If you have any questions or want one of your maps added to the list just let me know.

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