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Creator: TheOffice1808

Track Name: Suspense

Map Name: Awash

Supported Gametypes: Race

Description: Suspense is a chaotic track where collisions can happen anywhere. It is a collision course featuring jumps, thin paths, and sections where you double back. Grab a bunch of friends and you will enjoy your time on this one.

How to Download: Add "TheOffice1808" on Xbox and search the campaign timing leaderboards for: Halo 1, Solo, Legendary, Assault on the Control Room





What is your personal favorite part of the map?

The suspension bridge, for sure.

What inspired your creation?

Spontaneous lel for the most part.

What aspect of the track took you longest to make?

It took me a while to figure out what to use for the ramps on the sides of the suspension bridge. All of the trims also took a while to place on the bridge.

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