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What map of mine should I remake?

favorite leg. map to forge?   24 members have voted

  1. 1. Whats you favorite leg. map to forge?

    • Ghost Town
    • Avalanche
    • Blackout

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I've decided to remake/remaster X-Ray for my final attempt to make a bad track a good track. I believe my forge skill is 100 times better than when I forged it on Halo Reach and Halo 4. If there is any map you want remade or remastered that I have made in the past to be in H2A, please feel free to name them. Truthfully I am curious what some of my previous tracks would look like in H2A.

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I'm not sure for Halo 4. Infectious Lagoon is probably the only map of yours that I've actually played. Sorry that I can't help you on this front.

As for your MK64 remake; I really liked Block Fort, but my favourite was definitely Skyscraper! Double Deck was way too big, Big Donut was boring and Block Fort was too complex. Skyscraper was the most well rounded map. I guess I liked the idea of bottomless holes, the crammed space and the atmosphere of the map. Skyscraper is my pick. Nevertheless, props for thinking about the battle courses!

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I appreciate your feedback guys. I have decided to remake a few maps which shall include the following: Perfect, Infectious Lagoon, A mix between Collision Fusion 1 & 2, A mix between SKYTRACKS (4TH), (5TH), and (6TH), Block Fort and Skyscraper. Thank you all for participating.

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