Santo Capra Motocross Park

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Creator: MtnDewX97

Track Name: Santo Capra Motocross Park

Map Name: Awash

Supported Gametypes: Race

Description: Santo Capra is a a well forged motocross track. It is also one of the most technical tracks challenging even the best racers to find the fastest lines separating the good from the great.

How to Download: While on MCC, select your name from the roster and navigate to "find player". Enter MtnDewX97 and view his file share to find and download the track.







What is your personal favorite part of the map?

My favorite part of the map is the fact that it offers something different from any other motocross track in the game. This was the first track that really focused on the terrain aspect of the track, and not the jumps. Although this track has skillful jumps, the terrain keeps you constantly aware of what is going on around you on the track. I think it has a nice balance of skill in the terrain it's self, and the jumps as well.

What inspired your creation?

Obviously the contest helped me get the track along, but after making Area 51, and testing the forge boundaries with that map, I wanted to test the boundaries even more. I started the map when the customs update hit, which gave me more options to do with the map. Also, I really wanted to make a track that had several aspects of real life tracks. For example, the Washougal whoops, a Unadilla-type wall section, and rough terrain. I think these aspects help make the track what it is.

What aspect of the track took you longest to make?

With any motocross track, I will tell you the same thing: bordering. Making bordering work, as well as look nice is always a large pain in the ass. So that was the number thing, which I also always dread doing. There were a couple other sections that took awhile including making the whoops and rhythm section to work exactly how I wanted them to. That's why you only get a good run through the whoops if you rail the outside berm, and only get a good run through the rhythm if you enter it in a perfect way. Many people confuse this for inconsistency, but they just don't have enough skill to drive on the map apparently. :thumbsup:

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Great track, congrats on the feature MtnNoodles!

So good it had to be featured twice.

[quote name=NukedIceCream' timestamp='1436932702'


Track Name: Suspense

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Congratulations MtnDew on the well deserved feature!

I would also like to give a shoutout to Kitty for his outstanding entry! Keep forging man!

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