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So, after playing BT for the 1st time ever I felt picking up weapons as a passenger was kind of glitchy. I like the idea and of course have no direct problems with it, but I just wanted to run an idea across you guys for a BT track that I'm thinking about making. The track I have in mind will have 5 zones. Now as you all know there are only 4 trait zones. So when I say 5 zones the gametype itself is a zone and will take effect on a place on the map where there are no trait zones.

Zone 1 (Gametype)

Normal Shields - Spawn with BR and AR - Infinite BR & AR ammo - 1 Frag & 1 Sticky Grenade

Trait Zones can vary upon theme or what creator wants for the track

Zone 2 (Alpha)

Sniper Zone - Beams and Snipers only - Wide open sections - Curvy turns - Elevations

Zone 3 (Bravo)

Stall out Zone - Plasma Pistol and Sword - 2 Stickies

Zone 4 (Charlie)

Air Zone - Lots of jumps with brute-shot as primary weapon only - Instead of falling to your death you are teleported back to beginning of section.

Zone 5 (Delta)

* etc...

This is just an idea of what's going through my mind for some BT maps. Please comment your thoughts below..

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Just my opinion, but I think this is a bad idea. It's too complex and people don't only shoot people in their zone or area of the track so it would kind of defeat the purpose.

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It wouldn't work anyways, trait zones don't allow for you to modify weapons within the trait zone options. However it would work for movement, shields and gravity.

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