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Since this is the first contest in a very long time, I will be taking any and all racetracks submitted since the launch of Halo MCC and be doing a top 20. After that, every month starting in September or October will be a Top 10; racetracks will have to be made within that month. I have decided to accept a max of 3 submissions per person, if it's a co-forge then one map will count as one for the both of you. For the Top 10's I will only accept a maximum of 2. All maps have to be submitted via PM, Xbox Live message, or comment below. In other words no matter how good it is or how bad I want the track to be in the contest, the author has to submit his/her own maps.

I am excepting any and all types of racetracks. It can be a demotrack, BT, BS, motocross, supercross, double wide, roller coaster, hybrid, terrain, mayhem, etc. As long as the track is a mongoose or warthog compatible track and works with the race gametype then it's fine with me. This is a big project for me that I have been wanting to do since I started FHR. So please don't burn me to the ground; meaning this topic is a friendly positive environment, so please no hateful comments towards others or map submissions, etc.

Please use this format when submitting tracks: Author(s): mapName

Please spread the word that ForgeHaloRacetracks or Superior Forger is doing a contest for Halo MCC racetracks.

Winner of Top 20 Contest and others to follow will get the opportunity to forge with me or the FHR team and the map will be featured on FHR.

In time 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes will become available, but for now that's all I got.

Submission Deadline: Sunday September 6th, 2015 11:59PM EST.


Freddle Wide By: FredR1ck11

Freddle Land By: FredR1ck11

The Greatest Name By: FredR1ck11

Eccentric by NukedlceCream

Avoliton BT by NukedlceCream

Celtic BS by NukedlceCream

Ferocious Flats By: THEMAGICALSOCK1

Unnatural By: SomethingLogic14

Trippy By SomethinLogic14 & Superior Forger

PO-PO Police By: SomethingLogic14 & Superior Forger

Record Breaker By: Superior Forger

Suspense By: Offrce

Ultralel By: Offrce

bunfce By: Offrce

Bridge to Meowville By: Kat2BKittnMe

Westlake MX By: Kat2BKittnMe

Midnight SX By: Kat2BKittnMe

bdlnrx By: ImSOshiftfaced

laguna seca By: ImSOshiftfaced

Bonhertown By: ImSOshiftfaced

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I want to submit Duplex, but I don't know if Nuked wants to submit it under his name, as well.

If he doesn't have to, then I only want to submit Duplex.

Duplex: Made by GoldDiggerAlpha & NukedlceCream

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