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Le Hefe

HaloTracks Update - 01 September 2015

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Well. It's been a while, hasn't it? Welcome back to the HaloTracks Update! We've been drenched with Halo 5 news over the summer and looks like it's shaping up to be one of the largest Halo games to ever be released. We've received our first glimpse of what could be the Mongoose in Halo 5 and were treated to the game's opening cinematic just last night. We'll cover all of the Halo 5 news in a separate update. Having said that there's a lot of community happenings to update you all on, so let's dig in. Please, wash your hands before you do. I know that you don't keep those handlebars clean. Don't try to hide it.


HT Supercross, arguably the most successful squad in HaloTracks history, has been but a whimper in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Many of the title's technical issues at launch are to blame, but that couldn't stop the yearning from some of HaloTracks' top racers to continue the squad's legacy of intense competition and [insert unofficial squad slogan here]. To satiate their vehement thirst, HT Supercross created the Nationals Open Series. The NOS was also an attempt to finally complete an entire Nationals season, as Season 4 was cut short due to the release of TriggerPoop.

The Nationals Open Series also introduced a new selection process for teams by introducing a live auction during the preseason. A racer's value was determined by the captain selecting them for their team, so long as that captain won the bid for that racer.

, known as Sodapop Remix at the beginning of the series, arrived as the defending champion (Season 7). He would go on to win the NOS and help lead his team, Red Cardinals, to victory in the team standings. trailed closely behind throughout the entire series. Led by @Kat2BKittnMe, Teal Team Six put on a dominant display towards the end of the series. Bobius and the Chicago Sunroofers, led by @Jake Bobius, also found themselves in a late-series burst but neither team could find enough momentum to surpass the Red Cardinals.

To view the entire leaderboard and race standings, please follow this link. Congratulations to Sodafied on winning the Nationals Open Series!


Battle Tracks is officially making a return to Halo in the form of HT Battle Tracks (HTBT). A Forge contest to create racetracks tailored specifically for both HT Battle Tracks and HT Battle Snipes was held throughout the month of August. There have also been a small number of lobbies that have been playing Battle Tracks in lieu of that contest. There is currently no official start date for the squad but expect a signup topic very soon.

Participants in HTBT's inaugural season can expect a team-oriented format that ties aspects of HT Demo's structure and HT Supercross' competitive intensity. Racers will pick a team prior to the season starting, all in a bid to out-race and out-slay their opponents. Whether or not racers will be able to change teams throughout the season is still undecided.

A comprehensive and over-the-top set of rules have been created for the squad. You can find those rules by following this link. Keep an eye open for the signup topic! HT Battle Tracks will need 10 participants in order to become an official squad.


HT Team Fiesta, led by @Kat2BKittnMe, is a squad similar to HT Dirty Racing League with a little twist. Rather than going it alone, you and a rcing (this is not a typo) colleague match up against other teams of two in a mad skirmish for a tournament win. The squad is currently preparing to enter into its second season, having recently completed Week 2 of the off season on August 30th. Kitty posts upcoming tournaments in the Tournament System, so make sure you're checking that page often. You will also need to be a member of HT Team Fiesta to participate.

Team Fiesta presently races a variety of gametypes. One of these is Sprint, a point-to-point gametype where the goal is to reach to end of a racetrack before any opponent does. Games consist of five rounds and include a multitude of checkpoints to ensure the most accurate scoring possible.

This is an extremely fun squad to participate in. For more information and to sign up, head to HT Team Fiesta's squad forum.


ProForgeRacing is one of the largest Halo racing channels on YouTube. It was formally ran by CoookkieMonster, who was also a Head Map Maker here on HaloTracks for quite some time. The channel has just under 6K subscribers and about 500k views. Why is this even in this update? Put simply, it's ours. One year ago, CoookkieMonster offered to give HaloTracks control over the channel so as to give him the opportunity to embark on his own life journey. Last week, we officially brought PFR back with the public release of a new vanity card. A new racetrack showcase was posted just three days after.

ProForgeRacing is an icon within the racing community that exists outside of HaloTracks. With it, our path is clear; our entry into the Divine Beyond, guaranteed! No, but we are extremely excited to add PFR to our network. The plan is simple: Continue the legacy of PFR's previous proprietors, improve and establish the look and feel of its content, and help grow not only HaloTracks' community, but the race community in general.

You can watch the last video below. A new showcase is in the works and should be posted in the coming days!



ProForgeRacing is a powerful way for HaloTracks to connect with the race community. That being said, there's never anything quite like home. Bringing back PFR is just the beginning. Bringing our YouTube channel back out of the dust, again, is something that's going to largely decide our fate throughout Halo 5. Everyone is watching videos. It's been that way for years. Now, it is of paramount importance that HaloTracks gets on the map once again.

The Top 5 "series" had a run at the end of Halo 4's (Xbox 360) lifespan. Continuing the series as well as other content on the HaloTracks YouTube channel proved to be difficult. The hope is that Halo 5 gives us adequate means to contemplate about setting up a foothold within the YouTube community. Of course, just bringing the Top 5 series back won't be enough. Videos for that series will only debut once per month. The challenge is filling the channel with weekly content. Coming up with what kind of content we will be producing is in the works. There's a lot of production that lies ahead. The goal is to ultimately make the channel seem like something out of a high-budget studio. Doing that takes a lot of time and a lot of rendering power. Please be patient!

Expect more updates about our plans for bringing our YouTube channel back.


Project SHiFT Week 1 (Practice) Last Resort STRX

Host: imSOshiftfaced

Date: Saturday, Sep 05 2015, 1:00PM EST

Team Fiesta Season 2 Week 3

Host: Kat2BKittnMe

Date: Sunday, Sep 06 2015, 08:00PM EST

Project SHiFT Week 2- The Gulch

Host: imSOshiftfaced

Date: Saturday, Sep 12 2015, 1:00PM EST


Community Racetrack Showcase



Forger: Superior Forger & SomethinLogic14

Category: Skytracks


Midnight SX

Forger: Kat2BKittnMe

Category: Motocross Tracks


Avolition BT

Forger: NukedIceCream

Category: Skytracks



Community Screenshots & Still Graphics


By: Le Hefe


Tiny Rcers

By: Le Hefe


Community Videos

FHR Demotracks Introduction


Thank you for reading the update! There was a lot of information to cover and I do hope that you had a good read. See you next month!


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We still havent done any sprint races in fiesta, just an idea I had. I do plan on doing it sometime thought so I will probably forge some of those soon after I finish a SX and a Halo 4 MT track.

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Sodafied, known as Sodapop Remix at the beginning of the series
Congratulations to Sodafied on winning the Nationals Open Series!

Get pwnt, newb.

Apologies for the misinformation, Kitty. Want me to update it with something else?

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Get pwnt, newb.

Well it was actually Sodapop HT at the beginning of the series.

Get pwnt, newb.

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Good read!

Everything looked pretty tidy and formal. Definitely would like to see these updates on a regular basis in the future. Keep up the good work, Jeff!

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I like everything but the dubstep vid at the end. I particularly enjoyed the disclaimer that "rcing" was not a typo. #TheMoreYouKnow

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