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I never changed my gamertag, nor do I have any bans, but my gamertags are:

-fatpride12: A temporary account; my Dad named it since he set up Xbox Live for me while I was at a friend's house and he couldn't remember exactly what I wanted it to be.

-FatPride27: The account I always said I would make back before I had Xbox Live and I would use my friend's account, supersizedfrie.

-Bob Ross 27: Created for temporary use for Halo 3's matchmaking, as new accounts were easier to level up with, and the name came from my love for Bob Ross.

-CoookkieMonster: Created for the same reason as the former, but for whatever reason this one stuck. It was named after a trilogy of short videos called, "Cookie Monster Contacts Santa."

-TallGlassOfMAN: Created for the same reason as the previous two, and simultaneously my friend made NakedGardenLady, which I also named for him.

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GR1M R33PAR - This was my first online account name. Had it from 2011 to 2013.

SZG Alpha - My second account name which had some reputation from LBG's Top 10 in September 2014. Had it from 2013 to early 2015.

GoldDiggerAlpha - My third account name which has some further reputation (Duplex). Had it from 2015 to (predicted) 2016.

xMalevolution - My fourth and presumed final GT change. Will restart YT channel under that name once it's finalised.

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