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I just tripped over something in my room and thought I might make a topic here on HT. So I go through phases where I like my room pitch black with no sunlight for months at a time. It's typically just a winter thing. So my room is pretty big, I know where everything is most days. I do have lights in my room, but I hardly ever turn them on. I got a lot of technology up here, so my Xbone light lights up a portion of the room and of course my TV and lap top projects a lot of light. But when it comes to going to bed and shutting everything down walking like a zombie usually gets me to bed with no harm done. I really should get one of those blind folds that rich people sleep with. Holy crap, talk about waking up from a dark room then walking outside to the bright sun! It would probably help to clean my room. It's been almost a year... It's mostly just clothes and water bottles on the floor. But yea, I've always liked the dark and was never afraid of the dark even if I'm walking alone in a sketchy place which I have a few times; manhunts with friends is the best! Well, that's all I have to say, anybody else drown themselves with darkness?

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lolz! none of you guys have ever played manhunt. Alright, so I've played it a bunch of times, but one of my favorites was at a campsite in Washington State. I don't remember the exact site we were at but it was a big place. Alright, so I imagine everybody has played hide n seek at least once in there life. So to simplify manhunt: Manhunt is an epic game of hide n seek at night in the dark. Some people play with flashlights, some without. I much prefer to have a flashlight; there is a lot of unknowns in the dark. I've usually played manhunt with 14+ people with equal teams, but you can play with how ever many you want. It's just more fun with more people. And remember your in the dark and your whole team has to be found. Each team has to hide and seek, but to win the game each player or most players found have to be greater than the opposing team. Which as you can imagine it can really be epic when you poke out of the bushes and scare the crap out of your seeker(s). I've heard of people waiting tell close at Bush Gardens to mess around, but it would be epic to play manhunt! It's a great game because you can play it just about anywhere and you never know what to expect. I'm surprised you guys have never played it, kind of makes me sad :(

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