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Mrs StarStrukk

Full Halo 5 Tracklist

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I know HT has the gallery, but posting maps there is completely dependent on the forgers themselves to post their own creations. This topic's main purpose is to provide the community with a full up-to-date tracklist of different types of tracks that are known to be fully complete, and ready for play. Anyone can easily contribute by posting any completed tracks with the track name and the forger of the track. Hope this helps everyone who can't find any tracks to play on!

To get any of these tracks just follow the forger on Xbox. Go to the friends list on Halo 5 and click on the forger's gamertag, then go to maps. Go to files and click bookmark to download any respective files they might have.

If any forgers' names are wrong or incorrect please make a comment so they can be corrected.


  • Lelland - NukedlceCream
  • Purple's Circuit - purpledinosaur0
  • Wildwood - NukedlceCream

Motocross / Nationals:

  • Bear Creek MX - King Edward I


  • Largo SX - PapaSlaunch
  • 2015 Lille SX - PapaSlaunch


  • Crazqwert - NukedlceCream (Bean05)

Skytracks / Rollercoasters:

  • Alpine Race - THEMAGICALSOCK1
  • Indus River - FredR1ck11
  • Spirit of Christmas - FreR1ck11 & DeTa1L
  • Glaciers Pass - SomethinLogic14
  • Xenovia - Only One BOYD
  • Luminescent Coaster - RLD HotTamale
  • RLD Coaster - RLD HotTamale
  • Wallride Waterfall Ride - Bighouse13
  • Luxury - EPICOOKIEZ
  • Star Wars 7 - SomethinLogic14 & IX MUGGY XI
  • I'm A Miner - JDOG0604

Tournament Tracks:

  • Mountain Pass - xXNoblexEliteXx

General Tracks:

  • Tormenta - xWi1dPumazx

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magicalsock, has a decent skytrack, fredreck11 & detail made a christmas skytrack as well

Does Sock's track have a name other than Alpine Race?

Also thanks for the tracks guys! Got them added to the list. :)

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No, but people should be posting their tracks on here. It helps the site out, immensely. Be sure to let those guys know that HT is a good place for them to make a post. We can do a lot for good tracks posted on here.

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Yeah I'm trying to limit this list to complete, and ready to play tracks only. I know kitty has Westlake but it's not done like he said which is why I haven't added it yet. Thanks anyways Shift. :3

Also keep them coming. This is great!

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