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HaloTracks Highlights (Unofficial)

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What is this?

"I'm making a YouTube series featuring all of the HaloTracks players. Just submit your Halo Xbox DVR clip s(only clips with vehicles in them). It can be MCC or Halo 5. If the clip doesn't have vehicles, I will only upload it if I have no other choice or if it's too good/unique not to show. Hopefully this will be fun and bring new people onto the forums."

Who even are you and why are you doing this?

"I'm Easy, I'm friends with Cam and Jeff and sometimes other people. I'm pretty new to the forum, but I've been around a while I guess. I'm doing this because this community deserves to be bigger. I also have no life and think this would be something fun to do."

Hopes and dreams:

"That people will actually submit clips and Jeff will add me to the media team."

How to Submit:

"Submit your clips by replying to the topic with a link to your Xbox DVR clip. Feel free to use either or for your submissions."


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Will you be accepting submissions by PMs or topic replies?

Just link your dvr clips as topic replies.

You can use or

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