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Le Hefe

My Trip to 343 Industries

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I took a visit to 343 Industries' building on Friday. Joining me was Kenny from Ultimate Halo and our guides, Jeff Easterling (GrimBrotherOne, Community Manager) and Kenneth Peters (Franchise Writer).

My trip started with me soliciting at the wrong building. Once Kenny reached the location, I was greeted with a call inquiring on my whereabouts. As I heard Mr Grim laughing in the background, I knew I was in the wrong location. I was also promptly reminded that I was on speaker phone after impressing everyone in 343's main lobby with my French.

After I arrived at the correct location, our tour began. Say what you will about 343 as a company, they really do hire people passionate about the game. Jeff and Kenneth's depth of knowledge on the Halo universe is unprecedented. Our tour lasted about 45 minutes.

On it, I was shown various Spartan and ODST suits worn by actors in live-action trailers. One of the cooler pieces were the side panels from Jamie McMurray's and Dale Earnhardt Jr's stock cars from the Halo 5 campaign (no pictures, sorz).

The goal of this visit was obviously to become a 343 Shill (something we all joked about incessantly). Honestly, this trip didn't change my overall opinion of the company; however, I definitely found respect for guys like Jeff and Kenneth.

Yes, we also bitched about the Mongoose. That was at least a five minute conversation. Unfortunately, we don't think it'll be fixed anytime soon. Sorz for that, too.

I repped HT like a mofo. Even included the URL next to my name in the guestbook. I gotchu, fam. Here's some pictures. If you've actually read this instead of skipping to the images, I leave you this: Poop












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Perspective's definitely shift when you get to see both sides of the story. Reminds me when I wished I could visit Bungie Studios. Happy for you and your adventure.

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