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Tournament Points


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So, a quick answer is you actually don't need to worry about that right now. There are plans for a points system, but they're not yet in motion. Hosting and placement rewards do not, respectively, give or cost points right now.

That being said, here's a breakdown of how things will work once that stuff gets going.

Tournament Levels

Tournament levels are the foundation for how the points system works in HT Tournaments. Each tournament level contains certain fees and rewards. The quantity of those items varies depending on what level is assigned to a tournament.

Points rewards are comprised of Podium and Participation payouts. First, second, and third place finishers will earn more points than a non-podium finisher. In most cases, racers will earn a positive payout no matter what. The exception are tournament levels in the Hardcore category. In these races, the participation payouts only offer a partial reimbursement for the tournament; however, podium finishes grant an insane amount of points.

The two types of fees are a hosting fee and an entry fee. Only two tournament levels do not have an entry fee, Iron and Sapphire. Entry fees are a way to balance out the competition and, as mentioned earlier, most tournaments will give a positive payout no matter what with the exception of Hardcore.

Every tournament has a hosting fee. The hosting fee increments based off of the tournament level. Higher levels require more points to host.

Here's an image that illustrates how tournament levels currently look:



Use in the Store

Tournament points will be used around the site for various things once they go live. The biggest non-tournament setting for the use of points is in the HaloTracks Store. Users will be able to use points as credit towards purchasing physical and digital items in the store.

These include things ranging from t-shirts to nameplates. You'll be able to pay real money, too. Which is definitely the fastest way to acquire things from the store. Using HT Points (which is what they're called, btw) will, of course, take more time to build in order to afford the same items.

It's all about squeezing our community for every cent we can...

...JK. It's just that stuff costs money.


So that's points in a nutshell. Let me know if you need any clarification on the subjects I touched on.

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