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Tournament Completion Not Working?

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- Wouldn't let me remove participants. Adding them after didn't work on results submission.

- First time through only allowed results for 5 of 6 maps. After clicking finalize: "Sorry, something went wrong." 

- Second time through it kept results from first submission and let me put in results for map 6, all before making me redo full results again under the same second submission. Before which I stopped. (I.E Cassel actually finished w/ 90, redoing results would make him finish w/ 180) Never attempted a third try.

- Unless I'm colorblind, the text is a dark grayish color when inputting results and blends with orange background making it near impossible to see. Possible fix?

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Hey, can the 'Completed Tournaments' list have the most recent tourney on top? ...only as good as your last performance...

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