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Mrs StarStrukk

Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament Writeup

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Ohai durr. For those that don't know, I had recently hosted a Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament. To my knowledge it was the most packed tournament on HaloTracks in quite a while; and I say if you missed this one, then you definitely missed out. Everyone had an absolute blast!

Between the awesome maps, great battles for position, crazy wrecks, and drunk Bean, this was one of the best tournaments I've personally hosted. Everyone was cooperative, and had a good attitude the entire tournament.

Heres to many more great tournaments to come in the future!


Drunk Bean Quotes:

"Kenjamin your voice is so sexy."

"Get off my map! Yeahhh take it!"

"Oh man, step-up king baby. I'm better than all of you."

"I missed his voice. Orion you sexy beast."





Miquian SX



Riverbank Raceway






Timberland Trail






*Screenshots provided by Camonized

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4 hours ago, Le Hefe said:

What was the best track?

I think everyone had the most fun on Orion's map, Coprophemia.

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Certainly lived up to it's name. Lots and lots of swearing :D

Think I found why there was issues with my checkpoints for some. Both Fireball and Cam spawned past the first checkpoint on it's re-spawn points rather than the starting area like the rest of us. Looks like I forgot to tick the ignore LOS and Danger and some of the spawn points weren't place well, Have quickly gone back and corrected it so hopefully it won't be a problem no more. Though I need a full lobby to test that theory.

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Thanks to all involved!!! The whole night was a laugh riot! These are Awesome screenshots of the fun maps we raced. GG's

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