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We need to get a running total of tracks we have on Halo 5. I know many of you are wary of having a season on there, but it's important that we at least see where we stand.

Report any tracks you've made that might be eligible for a Halo 5 season. Here are the tracks that I know of, and might be a good fit for S8:

  • Miquian
  • Sunny Sands Raceway
  • Meowville Stadium
  • Poopercross Field
  • Verdant Park SX
  • Carpinteria Beach SX
  • Orias

These tracks would need improvements to become eligible, in my opinion.

  • Beaver Stadium SX
  • Ov Impera
  • Victoria Field


I'd prefer any tracks we race to be HaloTracks-made, but that's not a strict prerequisite. It's not guaranteed that Season 8 will be on Halo 5. Mike and I haven't reached a consensus among ourselves. With that said, and despite the game's shortcomings, I think that there are a lot of benefits to hosting S8 on Halo 5. I'm all game for the next season to take place within that title.

I'll update the main track list when this has been finalized.

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It's not as bad as you think. The tournaments I hosted a little while back were actually pretty fun. I've been playing with the Mongoose a lot while forging. It's clunky, but you can work with it.

Pack racing is going to be sketchy, but it always is. I think that, as a season progresses, people will learn how to better handle it. It's also important for tracks to facilitate that. You should have simple starts that let the pack even out as much as possible before the rhythms start.

Even still, the H5 'Goose has some insane acceleration. If a rhythm is built correctly, you can case a jump or two, recover, and only lose a second or two. We'll need to establish good track standards as the community gets more familiarized with this vehicle.

This Mongoose just demands a different type of driving, but I think a season with it will be fine. @Kat2BKittnMe, I'd love to get your take on this since you've raced SX in a league. Join the squad too, fgt.

Adding to that, Halo 5 gives us the best chance to have a solid field. We can also forward our criticisms to ears that will hear them. Ears that might be connected to a voice that 343 listens to. Hell, I'd even stop by their building again to hand them a list if I find myself up there before I move. lol

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Ya I would love to race on Halo 5. Sure its different and not as smooth but it is still very fun. I like the SX in the game but I understand people not wanting to. Honestly if us 3, Pancake, MtnDew, and Edward all make one track each the list will be plenty big enough.


I'm very down to do a season just hope my schedule can match up. I'll make some post race highlight vids and/or lap times for the top 5 or whateves.


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Awesome. We'll definitely get the streams going again, regardless of what game we race on. I've got some cool graphics and stuff that I can't wait to test out. Should look pretty profesh. Let's just hope my commentary can catch up, lol.

I'm making at least one more SX track after this one before I transition over to making some Battle Tracks. I know @MtnDewX97 is in the process of making one. He watched me forge a few days back and picked up some pointers. Fingers crossed he finishes it... or he'll just tilt like a bad Riven always does.

It might be a good idea to get a preseason going, too.
A) So everyone can get a feel for the game and tracks.
B) So we can start to build some activity before S8.
C) So I can get clips for the S8 trailer, stream vids, etc.

We can get that going any time, should we go forward with H5. There's definitely enough tracks.

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Full season, for sure. We probably will repeat some of the tracks, but I'm positive that at least a couple new ones will come out during the season.

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East Bay SX (almost done) by Papaslaunch

Minneapolis SX (kinda remake of 2013 or 2014 Minneapolis track in real life) by StandbyLuke7 (use the updated one)

St. Louis SX by StandbyLuke7 

I have more tracks to think of but not on right now....and no, these tracks don't have the terrain as the track but that is the difference from HT and HRL...

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Though we don't have an official set of standards for H5 tracks, I can say that a track width of 48 units is more or less mandatory. The metal pieces isn't that big of a deal, but the width definitely is (this Mongoose has a fat ass).

That being said, I've only raced on St Louis. Not sure how the others are forged.

Thanks for joining up, Turkey! Glad to have you on board Swug 

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