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Halo 4 BC Tourney Photo Recap

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After quite the incognito period and tournament drought on HT, racing is back! The backwards compatibility update which dropped a couple of weeks ago has opened the door for a nostalgia trip back to Halo 4. Here's a photo recap of the first Halo 4 Backwards Compatibility Tournament.

I'll try to make this a weekly deal for as long as I can; Saturday at 7:00pm EST for H4 racing. Hope to see you there in future tournies!

Full Results:

@Masta Hippie @Kat2BKittnMe @NukedIceCream @xEasyTargetx


...and they're off!


Kat2BKittnMe (red) has definitely come a long way since his days as 'masterkitty17'.


NukedIceCream (pink) leads Camonized (white) on his way to a wire to wire win on Solitude.


xEasyTargetx (blue) going FULL SEND in the first turn of Lioness.


With a lot of potential and a little tutoring, Easy could be a factor in future tournaments. That is when he feels like it.


Masta Hippie (green) was leading the way for laughs the whole tournament and briefly during the final race on Killshot.

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