H3 Hardcore Tourney Photo Recap

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Another weekend, another tourney, different game. It seemed appropriate to return the spotlight for a casual-competitive racing experience that has unfortunately been left behind due to the limitations with the newer race gametypes from recent and concurrent Halo titles. Thanks to backwards compatibility, we were once again able to revisit those glory days. There was a tournament, carnage unravelled and 'twas fun.

Hopefully get to host another one next weekend!

Stream Replay (courtesy of @xEasyTargetx):

Full Results:

@Edwyrd, @Mad Hatter, @Masta Hippie, @Le Hefe, @tote trays


Easy Target (blue) and surprise guest Tote Trays (red) proved to be worthy adversaries for each other. Tote would barely finish ahead of Easy for 6th overall.


Jeff (orange) and Hatter (pink) were fast, but Hatter would often get stung by karma and Jeff's luck would run out. Hatter finished 5th, while Jeff finished 4th.


King Edward narrowly edged out Jeff by one point in the final standings to take 3rd overall.


Hardcore guru Masta Hippie (green) used his consistency and survival tactics to claim the runner up spot, but was bested by Cassel (gold) by a mere 3 points.


Tote demonstrated that anybody can win in HardcoreTracks, as he cruised to an upset round win during round 1 of TransFuzion HC.


The flying debris obstacles were bound to involve carnage wherever they were featured.


Despite usually being redundant, battles for position were tightly knit more often than not.


While he didn't dominate, Cassel was the only racer to post a perfect race score of 15 points on Sonic HC.


As previously mentioned, Jeff didn't have the greatest of luck.


Jedi Master, or the Tortoise from the Tortoise vs Hare tale? The world may never know the truth of the legendary Masta Hippie. 


What a race. Until next time, folks.

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So that's what happened behind me on that round.

Tournament was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting, Cameron. That extends to the tournament's participants as well. Let's get some consistent racing going, eh?

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what base map is that on

edit: it kind of looks like sand trap or sandbox with an FX on it

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Also, your composition is terrible in this screenshot, Cam. You have too much lead room on the left side of the frame, and Masta is facing the short lead.

Git gud.



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