Halo 3 Throwback Tournament

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Hey people,


Let's get in the New Year spirit and play a Halo 3 Throwback Tournament.  Need a minimum of 4 players, 8 max.  8 maps TBD.

Date/Time: January 1st, 2018 at 1:00 PM Eastern/ 12:00 PM Central/ 11:00 AM Mountain/ 10:00 AM Pacific

Typical scoring as follows: 

1st: 8

2nd: 7

3rd: 6

4th: 5... and so forth.


Few maps I would definitely like to race on. Jagged Peaks and Corners.  Laps will vary by map.  As I've been away from racing, I may need a reminder on the basic amount of laps, I think it was 8-10?  We will be playing on Halo 3, not MCC. As for prizes go, we could do a paid entry ie. $10 a person, winner take all.  Or free, doesn't matter to me.  I may even throw in a donation in a cryptocurrency of my choice.  Sound off below on that.


Please sign up below.  All we need is 4 people for a fun tournament!

P.S. If the time/day does not work we can always reschedule down the line. I know it is a short notice, but thought I'd throw it out there.


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