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I got my very first tattoo today! I've been thinking of getting one for many years now and finally did it! As most of you may know, I've said on many occasions that I am Straight Edge. I even made a racetrack a few years back in H2A called "sXe" which is one of the main symbols to represent Straight Edge. I of course added the cross inside the "X" to represent that I am a Straight Edge Christian.

When I was young, in my teens I made three promises to God and they were to NEVER drink, NEVER do drugs, and to NEVER smoke or consume tobacco products. These promises are my foundation of who I am today. I do not do it to say that I'm better than others, I do it for me! It's who I am. Even being Straight Edge all these years, this year has been a struggle for me, I even almost lost myself and forgot who I was. But in truth fellas, when I needed him most he came through for me and saved me yet again from falling into the darkness.

I was cruel, I was mean, I was depressed and I was alone! God gave me a friend, a second family, and freedom of will to resist all life's darkest temptations. Fact is, all my life I have been looking for my purpose, I can't say that I have completely found it yet, but it is a start. I am a long distance runner, currently Half Marathoner and pushing Full Marathoner status by September this year and Ultra Marathoner next year. I've always wanted to sing Christian music, so I sing at church. I am going to pick up a form of Martial Arts after I become an Ultra Marathoner next year. And I believe many other great things like this will slowly define me and contribute me finding my purpose, because life without purpose for me is not a life worth living. Everywhere in life I have been asked "what are my goals". Many times I didn't have an answer, but I believe the goals we make for ourselves are what in retrospect define us of who we are and give us purpose, sometimes for a short period of time and others through our moral standards built on through our decisions and dedication.

Tattoo Specs:

Pride - I am proud of who I am and who I have chosen to be! I make my own damn decisions and I take fault for my actions because I am not one to ever become under the influence of any drug or mind altering chemical! Seem harsh?  It's called responsibility, maybe if I didn't loose this sweet girl I knew for many of my school years to a drunk driver I wouldn't despise alcohol as much as I do today. Seven years today, my heart still feels like it was yesterday. R.I.P. "Jazmen Skye Foreman".

Honor - I will honor my lifelong decision for it is now in my blood or deep beneath my skin to bear a mark of yet a reminder of who I am and the choice I made to be and to bear this mark tell the death!

Respect - Treat others with respect, always! Take a step back from time to time and observe the culture of others, but do not judge. Not everybody was raised in the same backyard with the same beliefs and support system. Not everybody will have high moral standards, but that doesn't mean we can't still be friends.

sXe - Straight Edge ~ No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco for life and no promiscuous sex!

Cross in the middle of the "X" - Christian

Phrase "Life Worth Living" - This is the life I have chosen. To stay true to myself and always remember and remind myself through life's hard times that this is who I am and who I will remain forever!

Colors: Black, Red, and Orange


Bottom Line:

From this experience and my high threshold for pain, I can honestly tell you that it really does hurt! Some places hurt worse than others, back of the calf is a tender place so it wasn't as bad as the alternatives. But all in all I'd have to rank this on a pain scale of 8 out of 10. It only took an hour and a half, most parts were just strong vibrations while others were spikes of pain resembling a small bee sting or a sharp object being scratched against your skin when you have bad sunburn. It's painful for sure and I was trying really hard to think of something else other than the needle going into the back of my leg with that awful noise, but all I could think of was that! All in all, $340 for a tattoo and the minor torture was not too bad and I would no doubt get another one some day.


Share your Experience:

Do any of you have a tattoo(s)? Why did you get one, does it have meaning or is it just something that looks cool? I want to hear your experiences, reply to this topic and post an image of your awesome tattoo!

sXe Tattoo.jpg

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