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Map Editor / Upload Bugs and Issues

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Posted a map "Eye in the Sky" needless to say the editor in which to upload a map is buggy. And I can't edit my own post. Lets talk the issues.

Issue List:

1) Selecting a Map name is not obvious. I mean it says map name, but first time around I had no idea where to name my map. Maybe it's just me.

2) Text editor I understand is limited now, kind of takes away the flare that I like to add to my map posts, but I get it, nobody really wants to read map posts anymore.

3) Uploading Images - Once images are uploaded, there is no way to delete them, i.e. change the order in which they are displayed. Also uploading images should be specified a one at a time policy rather then figuring out how to use it with little to none direction.

4) Though I selected MCC, after the map post was created, it said Reach.

5) I hit submit post with just my name as the author "or map maker" and it didn't submit, so I went to add author, obviously couldn't find my name because I was already the poster, but that screen wouldn't let me back out until i selected somebody else "a second person" - which now as the map is submitted has two other authors that did not create the map.

6) Can't edit my own map post. I understand from the past why that might not be allowed, but when it comes to fixing things that didn't go perfectly planned the first time around. I think perhaps a time of edit in hrs before post is locked from editing should be put in place. Unless it's just a bug all together.

That concludes a few things that I spotted without going to much further into details.

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By all means, go into details. Don't leave those out. We can better help you if you are more adequately verbose.

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