2020 H2A Demotracks Voting

Superior Forger
By Superior Forger,
Demo Forge Off Voting Rules of Voting: Everybody that votes is required to vote 3 maps total. (3 Points for 1st Pick, 2 Points for 2nd Pick, and 1 Point for 3rd Pick. While this voting topic is open to anyone and everyone, (even Contest Forgers), it is preferred that voters voting have played these demotracks at least once. Voting will commence this week. Voting Period ends Saturday June 20th (11:59 EST).   Raildoors Created By: NukedlceCream & Rob Chokes A fast and tight turning map with many blind corners. While the racer has an opportunity for a shortcut and a small window of opportunity to hide behind several golf balls to avoid complete blocker contact for a more difficult lap reset, the blockers have several crates that can be moved to assist in a blockade. Also, there is a risky cannon man to take out the opponent and more likely yourself, take in account the risk to reward.   Reset Created By: xv Reflex II Another fantastic well thought out track by xv Reflex II. This track features fun traps that can be set by the blockers to ruin the racers day. Of course, if the racer does not fall for the obvious, you can bet that every lap will be a challenge from the many types of attacks available to fellow blockers. Enjoy the rainbow hall at a glance or a whole minute as this colorful landscape is a huge blocker attraction. Where death doesn’t hit you, time certainly will.   Mt. Lelsuvius Created By: xDangles25x Another very cool map by xDangles25x built on a volcano where occasionally racers and blockers alike can find themselves in a lava pit. Very run route for the racer with two racer shortcuts, of which one has significantly more risk. Blocker shortcuts are placed well providing an advanced reaction to where the racer may be for a decent block.   Spam Fritter Created By: Bean05 & Possante Train Station scenic demotrack. Features trains, boats, and automobiles. The main attraction where the trains are located is just what you would expect to see in a train station. This track flows nicely from the walkways to the train track itself. Blockers have ample opportunity to block on every section if timed right. A simple route with an appeasing aesthetical appeal.   Artifact Created By:  Superior Forger & Tote Trays A fast and competitive route that requires team coordination to really see its full potential. Main racer setback and whole purpose of the aesthetic appeal includes the crystal that shatters to oblivion when a racer is forced down the hole. This track was forged to enforce a “zero death” policy, so team work is best advised to make the best of what you are given.