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Map categories?


Could someone give a detailed explanation of the map categories in the search area of the site? I'm not sure what some of them mean.

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Sky Tracks: Tracks which are forged at least 90% off of the ground. Common examples are floating double wide tracks, battle tracks, and roller coaster tracks.

Terrain: Tracks which are at least 90% on the ground. Tracks in this category tend to be competitive in nature.

Motocross: Closed circuit tracks which prominently feature jumps. Supercross and Outdoor Motocross tracks fit into this category. Like, terrain, these tend to be competitive tracks.

Demo: Closed circuit competitive tracks which facilitate the HT Demo gametype, a game where two teams of 4, each comprised of one Racer and three Blockers who's job it is to wreck the other team's racer, square off against each other.

Mayhem: Tracks which encourage wrecking, dying, or any other form of obstructive driving. Hardcore and collision tracks are common examples of a mayhem track.

General: Any track which does not fit into the previously mentioned categories.


Let me know if you still have any questions

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