2021 Halo 4 MX Forging Contest

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Your objective is to utilize natural pieces and the terrain of a map in order to forge a motocross track. Build an outdoor motocross track on the natural terrain of a map with a variety of jumps, berms, whoops, sand sections, and big elevation changes. You are not to build an enclosed or tight-cornered track used in HT Supercross. Your forging will be put under the microscope as you try to make your track stand out while managing your object limit.

Your track must be made by you. If multiple people were involved in making the track, please give them credit. Multiple map submissions are allowed.
Your track must be compatible with Race v2.1.
Your track must have the ability to spawn 16 players.
Your track must be made on Ravine, Impact, Erosion, or Forge Island.
Your track must have motocross elements.
Your track must use the natural terrain of the map you are forging on for the majority of the track (or natural pieces).
Your track must have a functioning starting gate using the race_gate label.
Your track must be longer than 40 seconds.
Your track must be started after this contest was posted.
Your track must have some aesthetics or a recognizable theme. 
Your track may not use gravity volumes or mancannons.

All tracks forged in good faith will move to voting. Voting will be instant-runoff style.

How to Submit

Track Creator(s):
Track Name:
.mvar File or Fileshare GT:


All map submissions must be posted by January 31st, 2021 at 11:59pm ET extended to February 5th, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

Roca Roja Motocross by Populare (Erosion)
Blergdor Motocross by purpledinosaur0 (Erosion)
Blue Groove Motopark by Panccake (Ravine)
Enivar Motocross by NukedlceCream (Ravine)
Cancelled Motocross by Panccake, Populare, NukedlceCream, Kat2BKittnMe (Impact)
Muddy Hills Moto by Kat2BKittnMe (Erosion)
Rabbit Flats Trail by Kat2BKittnMe (Ravine)

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Track Creator(s): Panccake, Populare, NukedlceCream, Kat2BKittnMe 
Track Name: Cancelled Motocross
.mvar File or Fileshare GT: yes

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Track Creator(s): Kat2BKittnMe
Track Name: Muddy Hills Moto (Erosion), Rabbit Flats Trail (Ravine)
mvar files: yes

Edited by Kat2BKittnMe

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