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As Halo Supercross racing continues to evolve, so too must its tracks. Your objective is to create a competitive supercross track that utilizes elements that would be found in a real supercross environment. This includes—but is not limited to—berms, rhythm sections, supercross triples, whoops, ruts, etc. These tracks should be crafted with competitive racing in mind, prioritizing various line choices and passing opportunities. Your track does not have to be ‘replica’ style, and it can include elements that would not necessarily be possible on a real supercross track such as elevation change, but it should lean more to the side of realism.


Your track must be made by you. If multiple people were involved in making the track, please give them credit. Multiple map submissions are allowed.
Your track must be compatible with Race v2.1.
Your track must have the ability to spawn 16 players.
Your track must be made on Ravine, Impact, Erosion, or Forge Island.
Your track must have a functioning starting gate using the race_gate label.

Your track must have a finish line jump designated by a banner.
Your track must be longer than 35 seconds.
Your track must be started after this contest was posted (I will have some wiggle room on this for maps that have been started within the past week or two).
Stadiums and other visual elements are not necessary, but be aware that some people may prioritize aesthetics when they go to vote.

Your track must run smoothly on console, with little to no frame rate issues.
Your track may not use gravity volumes or mancannons.


All tracks forged in good faith will move on to voting. Voting will be instant-runoff style.


How to Submit

Track Creator(s):
Track Name:
.mvar File or Fileshare GT:


The first-place track will be used for the final race of the 180Decals Supercross Series!


All map submissions must be posted by March 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.



The Rift — Populare

Tribus Supercross — Kat2BKittnMe

Thunderbird Field — Kat2BKittnMe

Great Lakes Stadium — Kat2BKittnMe

Lone Star Stadium — Panccake, Jabbleston

Worcestershire SX — Bean05

Eventide Station — NukedlceCream

Deteration SX — Bronders32

Turtlehead Supercross — xTheSully

Space City Supercross — xTheSully

That's Fried SX — Jabbleston

Edited by Pancake

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Track Creator: Kat2BKittnMe

Track Name(s): Tribus Supercross, Thunderbird Field, Great Lakes Stadium

.mvar File: Eventually

Fileshare GT: lel nah 


Track Name: Stonehenge S X with aesthetics by NukedlceCream

Edited by Kat2BKittnMe

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Track Creator(s): Panccake, Jabbleston
Track Name: Lone Star Stadium
.mvar File or Fileshare GT: Panccake

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Track Creator: Jabbleston

Track Name: That’s fried SX

Fileshare GT: Same as creator

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