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Blackout HC

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Alas, the official winning map of the 2021 Hardcore Forge Contest is none other than Blackout HC, by @xDangles25x! I got incredibly distracted and never got around to declaring this map as the of winner. Fortunately people knew this map won practically as common knowledge, but now it's official! Congratulations to everyone who entered, played and voted in this contest! Every map was creative and will have a place in futurre HARDCORETRACKS tournaments! With HC Season 6 underway, perhaps we will see another one of these?

Blackout HC




The first hardcore track on Blackout. It's a little short due to the object limit but quite enjoyable. This map features some holes, pillars, shield door traps and barrels. There is also a concrete block that can be knocked into oncoming racers. Enjoy!

What is your personal favourite part of the map?

My favourite feature of the map is the jersey barrier that you can knock down into oncoming racers. This type of trap has never been done before and it's fun to be able to take out other racers with objects. I also enjoy the barrels that can be knocked down all over the track.

What Inspired your creation?

I really enjoy making tracks that are unique with features that haven't been done before. I never expected that it would be possible to make an HC track on blackout but once I found out you could go under the map I was committed.

What aspect of the track took you longest to make?

The map was very easy to make. The only difficult part was the ending bank is right near an invisible barrier so I had to adjust that a lot to bring it within the canvas. Also the final jump into the destination needed to be tweaked several times.

Full Contest Results:

Blackout - 33
Acid Rain - 28
Baked Falls - 28
Violent Storm - 22
Calamity - 9
Fixed Anklke - 7
Death Run - 7
Frostbite - 1

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