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WallRider was originally designed as a figure 8 track with a hilly terrain, it has gone through several revisions, mods, and upgrades since then and has evolved into an incredible map. We are pushing Forge to the limit and your Xbox 360's ability to render such a high quality map, to produce what you see today. This track is the pinnacle of mongoose racing. Countless hours of Forging and testing have gone into this track to get it to look and drive just like we were envisioning it to.

The main accomplishments of WallRider:

¤ WallRider's advanced start line is designed for letting every player in the race go at the same time, any player with the ability to jump over the wall before the start is launched into a pit that temporarily traps them.

¤ All of WallRider is one double box wide and perfect for large parties, tournaments, passing people, and finding the perfect line through all of the banked turns.

¤ The off camber (where the inside is higher than the outside) banked turn makes WallRider great for shoving your competition into the wall.

¤ No drivable shortcuts exist. All sides are blocked off by double boxes and walls. Nor are there any walkable cheats or shortcuts.

¤ Players on foot cannot get passed our advanced and complicated anti-cheat system. If the player is able to jump through teleporters and then through the VIP point we have made it impossible to get back up to the VIP point. (note: this system only counts your laps with our RACETRACKS gametype)

¤ The course direction is clearly marked and intuitive.

¤ Crossing the finish line in player mode teleports the player into timeout with no way out but switching teams. (note: if the player changes teams he is then put in another penalty box that takes about 30 seconds to get out)

¤ Driving through the Finish line multiple times without completing laps isn't possible due to WallRider's advanced shield door elevator that sends you strait up in the air and over. (note: this system only counts your laps with our RACETRACKS gametype)


¤ In the process of making the map we have saved changes to the map over 350 times. Either for keeping objects in the air or just saving our progress.

¤ We have also started over 1000 new rounds for either interlocking (fusing) objects or just working on spawns.

¤ We have interlocked objects in over 110 instances through out the track.


Download http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?po...stRepeater1-p=1

What inspired your creation?

Well we were planning on making an uncheatable racetrack on Foundry because of feedback we were getting about how our tracks were cheatable and required "Honor Rules" but we didn't know what quite to do. Then eventually we came upon the idea of using interlocking to make a terrain like surface. We decided that that would be a good there for our next racetrack and it just went on from there.

How long did it take to create?

It took us approximately one month to create WallRider. Before we actually started what I would call making the map we throwing around ideas and tricks for a week. For the first week or so of actual construction we were doing heavy forging and major revisions. The second week of development was mostly tweaking and cheat-proofing. Then for the final week we did heavy testing and some minor tweaks and we spent a large chunk of time (10 or more hours) working on our starting grid. So after many hours of forging, brainstorming, and testing we have the final product with these stats. We have saved the changes to the track over 350 times, started over 1,000 new rounds, and interlocked in over 110 places.

What aspect took the longest to get right?

I would have to say that the hardest part of the track was getting all of the interlocked seams to be smooth. We had to re-do some joints many times to get them to be to our satisfaction. The off cambered banked turn was probably the hardest section of them all because it just hasn't been don't before so we just had to make up a technique as we went and because this is the first time that it has been used. We needed to keep it shallow enough that it could be driven without any sort of skill needed but steep enough o that it was tough to race at high speeds. It has turned into a great passing point on the track and we are very satisfied with the result.

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When I played this map with 2 of my friends we spawned in the pit and had to rush up before it closed.

did you use RACETRACKS gametype?

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Played map with C u L8er yesterday... It's a cool map killer200o and C u L8ter are good map makers lol you will probably notice this. I was the guy that thought I stole a map from u guys but I DIDENT!!!!!!

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Hey, I understand if it was a misunderstanding, it is just very strange if your story it true.

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