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killer 1251

Lightning Fast 2

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Lightning Fast 2

This track is meant for nothing but speed and fun!


What map is the track on: Foundry

Difficulty of track: Medium/easy

Author: killer 1251

Link to track: Lightning Fast 2

How the new version is different

This new version hasn't changed much except for some new walls around the track, new lights for the starting gate, 10 second go time for starting gate instead of 20 seconds, and extra shield doors on the banked turn after the checkpoint. I hope you all like this new version. "I did make both versions" just to let you know.

Original map link:


  • starting gate
  • tons of banked turns
  • most of the track is in the air
  • anti cheat checkpoint
  • excellent flow
  • very smooth track
  • very well built
  • entire track is double wide

This track took me about 7 hours of work and is really fun track that is meant for speed. (time includes first version)

This track includes a super good flow and and a simple design which makes this track a very well built track. The track for the most part is uncheatable, even if you found a way to cheat it wouldn't help you out at all. The main parts of the track are the banked turns which are very smooth and are what gives you the speed on the track. There is also a starting gates with lights high up so people can't get them. Trust me you are going to love it! Here is a run through of how the track goes. First you go out of the starting gate and go up until you reach the first banked turn. Once you complete the first banked turn it leads you through the can't cheat checkpoint. After that you hit another banked turn that is super wide since the cannons mans under neath the checkpoint give you extra speed. I would hit the shield doors at the top to help control the extra speed. Once you complete that banked turn you head down to the last banked turn. This turn is very neat as well as all the others. Once you complete that turn you head down and follow the path that leads you to the starting gate. Once there you can do the hole track over and over again. The fun never stops when racing.

Spotlight questions

What inspired your creation?

I was thinking of making a track with a lot of banked turns and that was meant for speed. After that I thought of an idea nd just went from there.

How long did it take to create?

It took me about 6.5 hours to complete and half an hour to test. (this includes the first version time)

What aspect took the longest to get right?

It would have to be the last banked turn because I was going to use fence walls at first but I ran out of them. So I had to make it with containers which was frustrating because the containers weren't cooperating very well.

What is your favorite part of the track?

It would have to be the banked turn after the starting gate



Over View 1


Bank turn 2


Over view 2


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Can someone test this map for me because it look pretty good but I am not sure if i should feature it because I cannot play it.

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Sorry about that guys I tried a lot of ways and that"s the best way I got. But it is still not that bad if you don't hit the shield doors or hit it a different angle. Besides most of the time when you do fly you land fine right back on the track.

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Damn does this look good I thought killer 1251 always made scruffy looking but man has he proved me wrong. Great Job :D

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Ok i checked out the map for a while, and didn't find much wrong with it.

Maybe a little lacking in variation, but a very nice track for a race =]

However i did find to ways to cheat on it, which may want to be sorted, firstly you can just crawl passed the teleporters on the left hand side (nearest the start)


Also you can use the shield doors after the goal and the mancannon to launch yourself over the wall and shield door on the side and back to the start like this:


Both are easy to fix, make the shield doors 90 degrees to the bank and add a teleporter the left side of the goal.

I don't mean this in a malicious way, you're racetrack is very good, good enough to be featured, but I just wanted to help you make it cheatproof =]

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