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Made by: JBARRON402
Map: Foundry
Download Map: Whiplash

This is a true motocross style racetrack. It follows the typical layout of a motocross track with different sections, including one big drop down jump, 180 bank that leads to a smaller drop down jump, 2 Rhythm sections that are unique from one another.

The map allows for big air and test the suspension of the mongoose. It is compatible with eight racers and the racetracks gametype. Everything is bordered off. The finish line isn't cheat proof because it would affect the flow of the map and I had no money left.

Driving tips:
This map requires driving skill to be the fastest and get the biggest air. I don't want to give away too much and ruin the fun in learning how to drive it, but I will give some tips for inexperienced drivers.
Don't always just go full throttle on the stick. You can carry more momentum if you decrease your speed sometimes.

If you get are a little sideways in the air and are afraid you are going to crash on the landing, let go of the accelerator and you will usually land it. Hold the brake for extreme cases

What inspired your creation?
I had seen several attempt at motocross style maps, but I thought I could do better to achieve the motocross style racetrack. I made the big jump at the big jump at the top to show someone what I would do for a jump. After some friends and I had a high jump competition by trying to clear objects, I decided to go ahead and make the rest of the track.

What aspect to the longest to get right?
That would be the first drop down jump that gives you such big air. I made it so that you get different height on your jumps by how you drive off the top platform. If you slow down and drive the drop down part rather than jumping off, you get way more air.

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