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LG Speeday is a very smooth flowing double wide racetrack. With loads of features (that I wil list below). It also is a longer one, since you guys though we should make a longer one =

Download LG Speedway Here


* Double wide

* Very long

* Every piece interlocked (except to the first few bridges)

* Smooth to perfection

* 6 banked corners

* 1 jump

* 1 uphill

* 1 downhill

* Anti-Cheat (with RACETRACKS gametype, 200% Gravity, and 50% speed)

* Anti-Cheat starting gate

* 3 levels

* Inverted Straightaway

* Cheaters (after they're failed attempt) will be off a mongoose for at least 1 minute before they can get back on the track.



Made by xMess U Up247x & xOWNAG3x29

Edited by xMess U Up247x

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cool track it is really smooth. Just wondering why you named if LG speedway?

I named it after my clan/halo group. It is called Legendary Gaming. The website is at LGnation.com, we're working on it though so the website doesn't look as good as it should.

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hey uh there is one cheat u need to fix rite away. when u start the race, if u drive rite u fall onto another part of the track making the track 2/3rds shorter lol

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