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Dueling Dragons

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Dueling Dragons is a racetrack like you have never seen before. It or they are two symmetrical double-wide racetracks that mesh in several parts. This creates a figure 8 effect in several places on the map. The way it's set-up you go on a different track each time you come around it's kinda tough to describe so try looking at the pics then downloading it. Also I recommend watching the video. It helps make the track less confusing.

Download Dueling Dragons Here

View the Youtube Video


RACETRACKS with 200% gravity.


*All double wide

*Two racetracks in merged

*Figure 8 effect in several places

*Uncheatable with RACETRACKS gametype and 200% gravity

*Anti-Cheat starting gate

*4 Banked corners

*Jump through hole in figure 8 effect

*Racetracks are completely symmetrical

*Racetracks clash in 3 places

*2 downhill turns

*Way to get you and your mongoose back on the track if you fall off.

Middle Overview


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