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SXR Wahrheit

Kona's New Ruleset

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I couldn't PM him, so here.

Joining Map Makers

You must become a map maker before you can post your maps because it keeps all our tracks up to standards. It will prevent there being multiple gametypes and all the tracks on the site will be good and worth downloading. If we didn’t have this rule the site would be spammed with hundreds of maps and it would be very difficult to find a good one.


-You must have at least 50 posts to show that you are an active member. When you apply, your posts will be reviewed. If you've shown little to no effort in posting, your application will be denied until you reach the next "tier" of posting. You only need to reach another 50 posts if your application is denied in this way.

-You must submit 2 tracks. No more, no less. Create a new topic and post them there.

-You must post links to both your tracks on your file share. Use the bb code

[url]link to map here[/url]

To make a link.

-You must include one picture per track, but no more than 8. If you use more than two, they must all be in thumbnail (click to enlarge) form. A good host for doing this is

-The tracks must work with the RaceTracks gametype. That means only 1 VIP point that is 0.5 in depth.

-You must show some advanced forging in your tracks. Just laying something out is not enough. This means multiple instances of interlocking, floating objects, and geomerging if possible.

-Read the Guide to Racetracks Etiquette. It is a very helpful guide to make tracks.

-Don’t message the Head Map Makers asking why your submissions hasn’t been looked at. There are lots of submissions and they have lives too. They try to do a few a day so they will reach your submissions eventually. Flaming a submissions director will result in a +10% Warn and according ban.

-Bumping your submission will result in an automatic denial. It WILL be looked at.

The Head Map Makers that do the submissions are:

Masta Blastr

HT Konakid904

Their decision is final. Don’t complain if you think their judgment is wrong. Just fix whatever they say is wrong with your maps and try again.


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proves my point, kona is too lazy to do anything by himself, from maps to posts to reviews...

I win my(personal) war of proving konas laziness=}

gis meh c00keh

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