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  1. Same thing I get every year. About 700 bucks.
  2. I've had to sleep in the back of an ambulance before. I had just finished a 48 hour shift at the station and was told that they needed volunteers for another shift and, like the idiot I am, volunteered. We were put on standby in this crappy little part of town where absolutely nothing happens for close to 4 hours and I managed to get a little sleep.
  3. Nope Do you like scotch?
  4. Man, anime is weird.

  5. That's blasphemy. You should be flogged. But nah, that game is great. If you ever need advice, just ask me. I know enough about that shit to probably get you by. Sin: I have never played a MGS game all the way thru because I can't get past the awful controls.
  6. Yes, but first you gotta buy me booze Should I be in bed at 0127 hours?
  7. I'm willing to do some voice acting. Hell, I have some free time on my hands, what's the harm in helping somebody out? I even have a Teamspeak server if you don't have one.
  8. This is just a fun little thread to talk about your gaming sins. Crimes against gaming, if you will, that you have committed. For instance, I have never completed a mainline Mario game, or a Zelda game.
  9. Damn, we really need another skype party.

  10. Nice to know that you were not the asshole that did that. Sorry I went off like I did when that happened. Hell, I almost forgot all about it. Hindsight's 20/20, though.
  11. Dawg, you OG. Moddafunkas be all like "Yo dawg, dis homedawg ain't OG" but dey don't see how it be, cuz it iz.
  12. I want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas. Thank you all so much for 4 years of wonderfull enjoyment and without a doubt, the most fun community I have ever been a member of.

  13. Help me. I'm addicted to Warframe.

  14. I'm actually thinking about running a pathfinder campaign soon. It'll be over the Internet using roll 20 if anybody would be interested. Will probably do it on Tuesdays around 6 pm CST if anyone is interested.