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  1. halla didnt give me much but i think it fits with ur dark and scary feeling [img=]
  2. 200
  3. 100
  4. account username: Andrew Sroczynski (just type it in u will definitely find meh)
  5. I got this game last week and was wondering if anyone on here had it, i have two zoroarks so i bred them and i have a ton of eggs if anyone wants some but i would like a rare pokemon (or paypal if thats easier) i also am breeding audinos and frillish but if u want a specific pokemon ask and i might have it
  6. im really obsessed with gifs at the moment so this is what i came up with
  7. wait when u say willing to pay a well amount do u mean REAL MONEY????? also u specified all these specifications but u failed to tell what to apply them to, the sig, userbar, or logo...
  8. well there is always torrents if your looking for the whole album, (MIGHT AS WELL THEY WILL GIVE U AS MANY VIRUSES AS LIMEWIRE LOLOL) but right now i use ...... they have every song imaginable and if u happen to use firefox u can get an addon called netvideo hunter, and everytime you play a song it will give u the option to download it

    1. Lazy Algorithm

      Lazy Algorithm

      Its to bright, but other that that I like it.

  10. I really dont see the point in 1uping me on a lot of things when your title is RETIRED, yes u do make good sigs but y did u retire if ur going to continue making them
  11. note: i tried to put your motto thing in there but it didnt look good anywhere so i just left it out but personally i think it looks great, when can i get mai payment lol, jk but u said there was payment
  12. desk10--- suckish abduzeedo --- ok to meh fringe----suckkksssssss just wait till i post some walls
  13. although its a good idea, the site u were using kinda failed on it, for 1 the logo size on the shirt is very small and the shirts only come in white, and most of the accessories are made for women, which we are lacking here at ht...but very good idea
  14. ok i took a little while and i really wanted to make a time-lapse but couldn't find any pics of him so i found a video of his practice in hd and screen shotted it. Ya it took like 4 hours but it looks pretty cool. 150 pts if u want this one
  15. mmmm k ill get to work on it tommorow