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  1. I'll be going to Concordia University of Wisconsin, majoring in computer science and playing d3 lacrosse. It's a small private school, nothing everyone would know about. See ya guys. Thanks. I'll still be on live for a little while.
  2. Hey everyone, you may have noticed I have not been active lately. Things are slowing down for me and I'm just not as committed to this wonderful sight as I used to. I've been very busy with school and getting ready for college and what not too so it's time to grow up and move on. Yes, I'll still be on xbox so you can still play me and what not. So for all of you that have known me, it's been good. Thanks to everyone who has made this site possible and for making it so fun! I won't delete any of you off my friends list, I still like to play live with you guys. I'll be around for a little to answer any questions you have. Adios. -laxman91
  3. people who have too many pet jk ignorant people people who brag about getting drunk or stoned bad eating habits
  4. Yeah, 2012 is just a theory. Some people say the calender starts over, symbolizing the destruction of the world and later starting a new beginning (kind of like the dinosaurs dieing out and then having new life start). I also watched a show on discovery, which explained about this huge meteor traveling through space where it will eventually pass (most likely) earth. Predicting its path so far, it has a 1 in 48 chance of hitting us. If you think about it, that's kind of scary. I don't believe 2012 will happen though. No one can predict something like that will for sure happen. If we can't do it today, how could the Mayans with far less sophisticated technology than us do it?
  5. damn, my partner doesn't like it. sorry blue :(
  6. lmao, I really like that idea. so far i think yours is the best.
  7. So I have this sociology project where I'm supposed to do something in public that is out of the usual norms, something legal. I need to video tape this so I can show it to my class. So far, my idea is to walk 2 steps forward and 1 step back as a form of walking. Does anyone have some other brilliant ideas that I could do? Btw, I have another partner to work with too, so if your idea involves 2 people, go ahead and tell me. I need answers by today, anytime before 10PM Eastern.
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