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  1. Well Now that my son is a year and a month old now I figured I'd make an update. My son's name is Seth Greydon Broyles, and yes he's a funking Badass like his daddy. This Is is Mr. Seth on the right and the All mighty Pappys on the Left. Chilling with dad. Goin Fishin Big Smiles driving the boat! He loves Bikes! I can't wait to teach him to ride like his dad This is where I worked prior to winter, I was a Masonry Hodg carrier, I made all the grout and concrete, set/took down scaffolding, Moved all rocks from truck to job site then up scaffolding including buckets of cement Nedless to say, Made me strong real quick. Beautiful real rock fire place we built Real Rock Chimneys This is where I currently work Roling dough 10hrs a day in a room by myself jamming to music Making these funking things, I make like 200+ Pizza crusts a day but recently I've been promoted to delivery driver so I deliver on the weekdays and roll dough on the weekends. Mobbing a smart car everywhere on backroads
  2. This made my night! Im laughing so hard haha such good times!

    1. Derk921


      LOL so who actually did it

    2. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      Why did you do it Jeff?

  3. Way to many to list but sure does it give a smile of all the memories I've shared with HT Honestly My biggest dick move while being online would have to be hacking over 300 xbox live accounts (^ Your not one of them Ink) I made several different phishing websites I made two programs, One specifically for that and one not. One was a HT Supercross leaderboard multiplier which in it self worked but it had a key logger in it. The other was called Xbox Cracker
  4. :(
  5. Been awhile since I lasted checked HT last but looks like it has been doing good :) Looks like more activity

  6. Hello everyone, old pals, I would like to announc to the HT community, That I, Pappys am going to be a father! . I am happy about this, Hopefully I'll be a good dad. (I've already suggested to name our baby after master chief haha I.e. John . ). So I would like you all to suggest some baby names please.
  7. Your HT Name: SDTxPappys r us Your Gamertag: SDTxPappys r us Position: BLOCKER Description: : Good teammate that can help with teh blocking.
  9. This is me. on teh right
  10. Add me to the list.
  11. I may have Cryptcross, I'll check
  12. 10/10 You can be unbearably annoying when racing with at times, But I love ya Cassel. Your the only Cassel I know haha