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  1. At this point, it feels pointless to throw all these halo titles into backwards compat when we have a game like MCC already out. My only optimistic view from releasing these titles again is seeing a revived Halo 3 community again. *nostalgia sets in*
  2. i miss my xbox =(

    1. Jake Bobius
    2. Camonized


      Deci shit ain't the same without ya

  3. unfortunately i am the person in the picture. sorry to disappoint you
  4. Caught me a killer in the Keys
  5. yo cassel lemme add you on facebook so we can keep in touch

  6. Well, since i've been roaming around on the site for the last 2 hours, i've been in a field of nostalgia and a mix of happiness and sorrow. From my 7th to 10th grade (2007 - 2010), halo and halotracks dominated my life and i'm proud to say it. It might be one of the best parts of my life to be honest. Nothing was boring. Even though i've never met people i've played with, some became such good friends like josh, cassel, storm, fleck, and so on. Not only that, but the competition of HT Velocity and map making at that time was crazy, especially when Halo 3 was at it's peak. Brings a tear to my eye. But anyways, i wanted to see where you all started off. Which games and what ways you found this site. I started off on Halo CE. I went to my dad's sisters husbands brothers house for a christmas party and i played on his laptop. Literally scared straight of the elites and flood at first haha. But the first one i owned was halo 2. Me and my brother would play the campaign nonstop and we did the classic 4 player battles at our house with our neighbors. Literally, whoever got the scorpion tank was the winner at that time. Finding halotracks; i really have no clue. I used to make maps just becuase i was bored. I hated HT at first because i was that "HT is mainstream and stupid" guy. Then i joined. Nothing special to it. Don't remember how i met people and who i met first or whatever. My memory is really bad when it comes to this stuff. But i'm curious to hear you guys story
  7. ____ Last nostalgia thing. My one and only accolade on this site. Cherish it forever =')
  8. Cassel is the All Mighty

  9. 10/10 cuz cassel called you a sheep