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Alliance Testing Network is looking for Race Testers!

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I am looking for a group of 8-12 Testers to test race maps and get them to matchmaking standards for the Alliance Testing Network. Alliance Testing Network is partnered with UCC and Creative Force which is ran by Cartographers with the sole goal of a group of lobby hosts, forgers, and gaming pros working together to create a stable testing environment and QA pipeline for the Halo 5 Forge Community.


Content is submitted to public lobbies for testing and feedback, if this content is greenlit for advancement by two public lobbies, it can be submitted to the queue for the pro team lobby. In our case we will start with one lobby and expand to 3. The main lobby being the best of the best and will be considered "pros" in the area of Race. Experienced Forgers are on hand to guide feedback sessions and, on occasion, assist in polishing content that the original developer is struggling with. Should the content reach the level of refinement expected of matchmaking content, we will endeavor to bring it to the attention of the Community Cartographers.

We are by no means the gatekeepers to the CC's or Matchmaking. We provide 5 services: Hosting Lobbies, Testing Content, Providing Feedback, Assisting with Refinement on a Case by Case basis, and Promoting Content pursuant to Matchmaking Consideration. We do not play favorites, merit trumps influence.

We will discuss within our race group the best time and place to do our weekly testing lobby

Or in a nutshell we make race maps great via our feedback from the community and are responsible for providing the best quality maps for the cartographers. I, KSI Milk Man have given full faith in my knowledge by the higher ups so my opinion will matter and will work together with everyone to create and refine community maps for the race playlist or maps that are at race playlist standards.

Link to The Alliance Testing Network

Warholic serves as the community advocate and GodlyPerfection (cartographer runs Creative Force and UCC who we are partnered with.) is directly affiliated.

Even though the Lobby is through Alliance Testing Network the goal of this is to grow HaloTracks and the race community and to get forgers featured onto bigger channels and get new people into the community. if you are interested in this lobby comment below!

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