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December 28th, 2018, marks my 10th year of tenure on HaloTracks. Instead of just recollecting past memories and stories I've experienced first hand, I want to take this opportunity to allow the community to reflect on the history we've shaped together and relate to my experience. It's remarkable just thinking about how something as trivial as racing 4-wheel utility quads in an FPS would create one of the most memorable experience of my life. The feats our community has pulled off have been nothing short of amazing. The intuitive terrain tracks such as Corners, intricate stunt tracks like Hammerhead, and everything in between, has truly been a privilege to experience, especially with some of the most passionate individuals I've met in gaming. From our website competing with ForgeHub plus other large Halo domains and yet still be standing, to being publicly recognised by both Bungie and 343i, to getting racing in matchmaking; we've achieved so much together as a community. Not just HT, but the racing community entirely.

Back in 2008 all I ever wanted was to play RACETRACKS in lobbies where players didn't go backwards and enjoyed racing great maps. Mostly, I wanted to play with people who mirrored my passion and challenge themselves as much as I did. As I look back, I realised I got more than I ever asked for. I never thought I would compete in tournaments with real money and prizes up for grabs, let alone be doing it for a decade. HT has also played an influence in my daily life, as I've met some great friends on this website and I owe them a lot of credit for helping shape me into a better person. Some of those friendships even extended beyond HT and XBL. If it wasn't for HT back in 08-10, I probably would've resourced a pistol and blown my fucking brains out. Because of those extraordinary individuals, I was inspired to keep going, to challenge myself to be the best I could be. From the racers who pushed me to be faster, to the forgers who encouraged me to keep forging, those people taught me a lot about perseverance. Not to mention this forum also taught me a lot of important lessons about respect, discipline and maturity which I will remember until the end of my days. Not every lesson was glamorous and I was often left with a bitter taste, but most of all I learned to appreciate the perspective, even if it was blunt.

From Travis (c u l8er) and Robert (killer200o), to Jeff (Le Hefe), Alvin (Masta Hippie) and Aaron (Mad Hatter), the entire HT Staff, along with every friend I've made on here, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've gotten to play excellent tracks, raced in prestigious tournaments, met great people, made loyal friends and had a hell of a time doing it. It has truly been one hell of a ride and I'll be here until the very end. Until then, there will be another time.


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I don't get a parenthetical next to my name? I'm livid.

It never ceases to amaze me that HaloTracks is more than a few lines of code to people. I view this website and this community as a project. A project that I care deeply about and want to succeed when the time is right. It's only when reading through sentiments like this, that I appreciate what HaloTracks means to people.

I'm happy that we've been good enough for you, bud. We all enjoy having you around and it's hard to imagine an HT without its best meme: Cameron SRS

Looking forward to continuing our adventures together, and thank you.


..also, fuck you.

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I happened to hop on the site for the first time in a long time, saw this thread, and immediately felt the need to post in this. Not sure how many people will see this but I know the ones that do will be blessed with an entertaining read.

I joined this community in June of 2008 and as I write this it is the end of March 2019. For those of you bad at math that’s 11 Years. More than half of my life. Now granted even though I was only active for about five or so of those that’s more than I ever would have expected. I found this place as a wee little nine year old looking for a place to download some quality tracks. (Also ran into a fellow by the name of MikE Egan in matchmaking in halo 3 who was kind enough to get me on the racing scene). Fast forward a couple years and I get the urge to race on halo reach and shoot my boy purpledinosaur0 a message asking him to invite me to a racing lobby. Little did I know there was a HT Supercross race going on at that exact time and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. After having the time of my life a fellow who lapped me twice in that race by the name of sodapop invited me to a party and the rest is history. 

I’ve made more friends through this community than I can count. And while only a handful still hear from me there are too many that I will never forget.  Soda was the one who got me into the community and became the person I’ve probably talked to the most in my life. Countless hours staying up forging and racing for no reason except to have fun.  My European homie in gogetarulez that I still converse with over Snapchat about our concert/party experiences.  My boy Cameron Mead (Cassel) who constantly seemed to piss me off as a youngin, but grew to become one of the people I actually respect the most. The owner of this website, Jeff, is an awesome individual and I wish I had the money to buy nhl to play with you and rob. Pancakemuffin who shared many of the interests I did as we are similar in age and both trying to achieve the goal of obtaining a college degree. Kat2bkitnme, ionized, Mtndew, office, Edward, and many of the other names and personalities I came across during my endeavor on this website. A majority of my friends list on Xbox live is comprised of HaloTracks members and every time I hop on I’m reminded of all the memories I share with you all.  All of the names above and of course everyone else I’ve encountered along the way helped mold my immature young self into the man I’ve become today. I owe all of you a great deal of thanks for providing me with some of the most fond memories I hold. HT Supercross will forever hold a spot in my heart and I will never forget the great times I had participating in the series. I miss all of you and I often think back to the times of me grinding for 8+ hours to race in a first person shooter where the lap times are counted in whole seconds. No regrets though. (Except for maybe wishing I was more mature at my time of peak involvement (I.e. getting kicked out of ht supercross for intentionally wrecking everyone in the race)). I’ve developed more true friendships on here than I have in real life and I’ll cherish that forever. I’ll always check in from time to time and love seeing old names to remind me again of the grand times. Hope to talk to any of you sooner than later. I love you all



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At this point, y'all'er bumping topics and making the website active.

Stop making the website active, or else we'll have to be a fun place to chill again.


@Jab Oh my god, shut up.


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