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2020 H2A Demotracks Forge-Off

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Welcome Halotracks forgers!

Demotracks is making a comeback as most of us are in quarantine from the rest of the world. It was a true learning experience to learn how to make a demo tracks, after many failures finally came success. Looking to expand the epic fun demo-tracks list. So without further ado, lets have a Demotracks Forge-Off.



Start Date: Saturday May 2nd

End Date: Sunday May 17th



Start Date: TBD - Early map submissions may be tested Earlier

Judges TBD






Note there will be prizes, just not decided upon at this moment.



1) Must be a Fresh-Start Map from date of this post

2) Co-Forge is allowed (please be sure to identify the authors)

3) Must have Blocker Shortcuts and be identified as such so that the racer can't take them and cheat

4) Must have kill boundaries in spots where racers/blockers are not suppose to be (better gameplay experience)

5) Must be a H2A Map

6) Finished Map must be posted on Halotracks "under Demotracks". Please be creative with your post, sell your awesome map!

View the below video for any information pertaining on demotrack requirements and/or just an idea of what it is if you new here:

Hope to see some old school forgers return from the dead. Happy Forging!

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Awesome I really hope we can get some great new tracks out of this. I am currently finishing up a new track but have a great idea for a new one I’ll start this weekend for the contest.

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My map is done and posted: Mt. Lelsuvius. Thanks for testing it out last night guys that was a ton of fun!

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Map Name: Raildoors

Creators: NukedLceCream & Rob Chokes (Nuked's fileshare)

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