Glacier Rally

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Creator: SpoonHunter420

Race Track Name: Glacier Rally

Map Name: Avalanche

Gametype: http://www.halotracks.org/gametype.htm

Description: This is a wide-open rallycross styled track on Avalanche. It features a very smooth long banked turn. Maybe one of the longest banked turns made yet. Almost flawless interlocking for being built on an only semi-flat surface was accomplished for aesthetic and flow value. Some of the longest straight aways in any track in Halo yet make this track about overtaking on the turns, as it is hard to pass people with a vehicle with a fixed top speed. The gravity-assisted turn is a crucial part of the race as it will either put you ahead by taking the inside over the jump or slow you down if you take the safer route on the outside where you are less likely to flip. The bridge overpass has a few different outcomes depending on where you hit the bottom going up. Sometimes you just float over the entire bridge, sometimes you wheelie all the way across and all the way down, and occasionally you flip for hitting the bottom at a bad angle. Past the bridge is the interlocked turn suspended over the cliff edge. Shield doors guard you from flying off on the outside, however, the inside is open so dont take it too sharp! At the end of this turn is the uncheatable checkpoint blocked to people on foot with teleporters that teleport you off the cliff edge, putting you a lap behind. After going though the checkpoint you are bounced back onto the map with a shield door jump ready to do another lap!

Long Banked Turn


Air & a Wheelie


Turn over edge to Finish


What inspired your creation?

The fact that i hadn't raced on any good tracks on Avalanche yet... =p

How long did it take to create?

I spent around 25 hours making it plus 10 hours of testing while making it. So all together about 35 hours.

What aspect took the longest to get right?

Well you would think the banked turn right? Wrong... The bridge section was the hardest to get right. I actually had to build it twice because the first one had a corner at the top that you would fly off of with too much speed.

Download Glacier Rally Here

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Played this for the first time today. Well done my friend. I may make a video out of this for you if you don't have a capture card. It was an awesome map. Best I have seen on Avalanche.

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I love it but i have to say that at the part with the giant cannon man its possible to get on it so you could have done better


AWSOME :) ^_^ :ph34r:

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